Spettro (eBook ITA – 124 pag.)


A collection of novels in which the authors face their fears alternating between stories where the only rules are: to give a title that recall the color of the ghost, to include the initials of author’s name. The book explores different shades of love and perversion: ego has been shattered, desecrated, recomposed, adored.


Written by Emilio Larocca Conte and Zenas Witt.


℗ 2018, Nilasphere
© Slow Wave Sleep/Zenas Witt. All rights reserved


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1. Grigio Ambrosia
2. Rosso Melograno
3. Marrone
4. Verde Smeraldo
5. Verde Persiano
6. Giallo Seppia
7. Nero
8. Blu Charron
9. Celeste
10. Verde Veronese
11. Rosso Scarlatto
12. Bianco Avorio


℗ 2018, Nilasphere
© Slow Wave Sleep. All rights reserved


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