Slow Wave Sleep – Spiro nell’Ecosistema

The third album by Slow Wave Sleep
Released 25th March 2020




Music and lyrics by Emilio Larocca Conte.
Excepted Fiore di Loto, (music by Emilio Larocca Conte and Gilberto Ongaro), Angela (lyrics by Gilberto Ongaro).


| Emilio Larocca Conte | vocals and classical guitar
| Andrea Cascini | electric guitars
| Gilberto Ongaro | synths and backing vocals
| Stella Canonico | bass and backing vocals
| Gabriele Larocca Conte | drums


With the participation of Filippo Cresci (electric guitar on tracks 4 and 5), Lorenzo Musca (sax on tracks 3 and 8).

Recorded live in studio at Caravanserraglio in Bologna under supervision of Mimmo Crudo and Roberto Comastri. Mixed by Michele Postpischl at Mushroom Studio. Mastered by Roberto Priori at Pristudio.

Artwork by Giuseppe Cosentino inspired by “Caccia alla volpe” by Emilio Larocca. Live backstage by York Kemono.

Produced by A/R Recordings.
Co-produced by Nilasphere Music.



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