Manifesto | Nilasphere | The Planet of Creators
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The Blue Planet

Our story began on 2016. We surfed the waves of the Berlin startup scene with a clear vision: to explore the boundaries of entertainment by merging all the forms of art using the latest technology trends. The demo of Vena was born, a music-related videogame in VR designed for HTC Vive’s headset. Our first headquarters were Factory co-working space and Weinerei, a bar close to Rosenthaler Platz. We built diligently a network of partners, clients and potential investors working as a VR agency thanks to the participation of the most relevant events and meetups about technology in Germany and abroad (during IDTechEX 2016 we spoke just before Siemens).


The brand Nilasphere continued to receive requests and new teams has been gathered together from time to time to produce blueprints (the more important for Adidas Germany).


Resilience is a force that cleaned ideas from complaints, pushing Emilio to reconsider Nilasphere as a music label turned to creative agency once brand new energy came from the partnerships with web developers and video makers. All Nilasphere revenues will fund in-house projects to research on new formats of storytelling for basically two reasons. First, traditional media are not enough to express an artist’s idea without being trapped into fixed codes of language and stereotypes able to satisfy markets demands instead of a research of beauty. Lastly, the future of entertainment can’t be only in the hands of big enterprise since culture is a matter of people and community, before business.

  • We produce and promote ideas translated into music, frames and codes.

  • Our core value is balance: between production and research time, arts and business, culture and technology.

  • Our biggest passion is to experiment with the convergence of all the forms of Art in a cross-platform, “liquid”, format.

  • Our mission is to research and develop a new platform: the Planet of Creators


The word nila means blue in Sanskrit, hereby used to recall something immortal, something that matters, like art.

According to symbology, blue is the color of wisdom, infinity, calm, but it’s also associate to water, creative energy.

The color blue stands for dynamism and stillness: a sense of paradox as the act of creation, a paradox itself.
Nilasphere - Logomark

The colour blue in symbology is commonly associated  to the geometrical form of the circle but a third dimension has been added as a trademark with the use of an asymmetrical slash. This mark will be associated to the act of sublimation: every time that it shows on a word or symbol it means its level up.

Nilasphere is a blue planet with no air, no money and no death

  • A blue surface with unlimited resources, as it doesn’t need any resource


  • A colony where there’s no ego


  • A world where the attention span is unlimited


  • An ecosystem based on ideas instead of facts

  • An arena where the message is not influenced by the medium


  • A society where silence is the key of communication


  • A place where there’s no risk since everything has no value


  • A planet where there’s no waste of energy