The Blue Planet | Nilasphere | The Planet of Creators
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The Blue Planet

Nilasphere Ltd is a production company that produces and provides content for the creative industry such as music, movies, games, platforms and any kind of digital service including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies. Based on the needs of our target groups, with a dual focus on quality (the best) and scalability (the largest) to drive the whole development process from pre-conceptualisation to post-release.

All of our titles offer intelligent, stimulating entertainment for a mainstream audience prepared for something besides the traditional computer games or platforms. The major benefit for customers of our products is not only entertainment-based since with also intend to drive positive impact through sustainable solutions. All of our products will be boosters empathy and awareness, enhancing in people a set of positive values that encourage them to adopt a consciously driven attitude of cooperation.

Team 1

Our narrative style is robust and customers will begin to see a brand name identity they can count on in Nilasphere’s titles, and are starting to anticipate a certain quality of product from us — an expectation we encourage.

Our team made by relentless hardcore gamer, mysterious musicians and visionary artists is a guarantee for creating products not aimed just on scratching the market surface but also to make an impact on present and future generations thanks to our past.

What makes us different? We predicted that in the next future there will be new urges of a new symbolism through decentralisation, unification of methods, optimisation of channels and building new aesthetics. So, it’s especially “how we do what we do” that inevitably will be reflected in what we do.

  • We do music, movies, games and experience design.
  • We experiement with new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality

  • We love to promote ideas before content and merge all the forms of Art for a cross-platform communication.

  • To fuse all the art forms in a new creative dimension, the Planet of Creators


The word nila in Sanskrit means blue. Here is used to recall something immortal, something that matters, like art.

According to symbology, blue is the color of wisdom, infinity, calm, but it’s also associate to water, creative energy.

Dynamism and stillness: a sense of paradox as the act of creation, a paradox itself.


The colour blue is commonly associated in symbology to the geometrical form of the circle but, since innovation is our key value, the third dimension has been added and made as a trademark with an asymmetrical slash. The slash will be associated to the act of innovate: every time that it’s marked on something it means its level up.

There's no air, no money and no death

  • It’s a blu surface that has unlimited resources, as it has no need of resources

  • It’s a colony in which every individual is part of a super-organism that represents collective will instead of individual whim

  • It’s an arena where the attention span is unlimited, because everyone is engaged in the creative process

  • It’s an ecosystem based on reincarnation and paradox in which different opinions are valued and respected as symbols

  • It’s a mechanism in which the message is not influenced by the medium by which it’s conveyed at its root

  • It’s a society in which gesture replaces words as the only mean of communication

  • It’s a place where there’s no risk since everything has value

  • It’s a physic system with no entropy since everything is part of one big relevant project