Nilasphere was born as a music label in 2015 with the aim of renewing the musical scenario, developing new ways of thinking, producing, managing, promoting and managing a certain type of artistic and musical projects, which has the propensity to contaminate the arts and mix show and new technologies.
Eclecticity, innovation, diversification and quality are the founding elements of a project that never ceases to evolve, to change skin, not to be in step with the times, but to anticipate them, looking to the future with pragmatism and creativity, with the aim to give life always to new forms of art, which knows how to be transversal and hybrid, that knows how to embrace different sectors creating new market segments in which to move, where the market appears saturated.

Slow Wave Sleep, pseudonym of Emilio Larocca Conte, is an eclectic music project started in 2015. Slow Wave Sleep is also a pirate ship that writes soundtracks to surreal stories collected while plowing the 7 seas. Inspired by Ernst’s paintings, Kafka literature, Richard Wagner’s drama, Buster Keaton’s madness, and visionary musicians like Björk, King Crimson, Gorillaz, Rammstein, it has nourished a unique style with a strong scenic impact and conceptual meaning. After the production of several demos and collaborations, the experimental attitude of the past has been flowed into the typical structure of pop music with Italian lyrics.

The whole production is entered around Réfles, a fictional character, and the bizarre narration of his life through dreams.

L'Ultimo Uomo
The Awakening Penguin