Nilasphere UG is Media Production company formed to take advantage of the latest technology available in its applications to new storytelling techniques. Our team provides content for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies based on what people needs in order to enhance the connection between their heart and brain.

Our main goal is to create a new digital hub where individual talent, communities, art forms and technology fuse in a unique cross-platform experience: the Planet of Creators.


The word nila means blue in Sanskrit, here used to recall something immortal, something that matters, like art.

According to symbology, blue is the colour of wisdom, infinity, calm, but it’s also associated

to water, creative energy. It adds a sense of paradox on it. As well as the act of creation, a paradox itself.


The colour blue is commonly associated in symbology to the geometrical form of the circle but, since innovation is our key value, the third dimension has been added and made as a trademark with an asymmetrical slash. The slash will be associated to the act of innovate: every time that it’s marked on something it means its level up.